20+ Best Infographics PowerPoint PPT Presentation Templates 2023

It’s time to say a big goodbye to your text-focused and boring PowerPoint presentations and say greetings to the best infographic PowerPoint templates. If you want to make your presentation looks stunning, then it better to keep your slide topics well organized. This can help you to avoid unnecessary clutters. In this blog post, we are going to present to you some of the top-selling infographics which can help you to seize the attention of your boss, manager, or any audience!

est Animated Infographics PowerPoint Template PPT Designs – Multipurpose Animated & Interactive PPT Template

As the name recommends, this is the most selling multipurpose infographic PPT theme selling on SlideSalad. All you need is to buy and download this infographic theme and then copy and paste the vector infographic designs to your presentation. All the graphic designs and the illustrations are fully editable and completely resizable based on your requirements. This infographic pack is holding hundreds of unique slides that provide vector shapes, process diagrams, step by step diagrams, and various country flags.

Top Infographics PowerPoint Template Pack 03 – PowerPoint Graphics

This infographic pack is the second pack of the previous infographic pack we have seen above. This awesome infographic design pack is readymade vector shapes collection that you can easily use on any type of business and personal niches. This premium vector design pack is holding hundreds of sharp graphics that can be imported to your existing presentations. The slides are packed with vector shapes, continuous pictures lists, picture accent lists, circular picture callouts, various text lists, arrows, Venn diagrams, vector country flags, and many more designs!

Stunning and Colorful PowerPoint Templates – Trending Infographic PPT Template

If you are looking for a multipurpose infographic template for your next PPT presentation, then go for this template pack. This fully animated infographic bundle is loaded with hundreds of vector arts, smart arts, clip arts, picture blocks, increasing circle processes diagrams, step up and step down charts, vertical and horizontal chevron process, phased process, random to results process, staggered process, picture hierarchy, advantages and disadvantages using the plus and minus diagrams, matrix, basic pyramids, inverted pyramids, Australia, South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa’s vector flags.

Awesome Infographics PPT PowerPoint Templates – Fully Animated Infographic

Awesome infographic pack 4 is a multipurpose vector graphic presentation template featuring an ultra-modern, professional, and unique infographic designs. Every graphical illustrations are created with proper attention to detail. The model can be used for a range of professional business purposes, including corporate, portfolio, advertising, branding, etc. All the elements, shapes, icons, are 100% vector. So, you can easily stretch, resize, and reshape within a few seconds! Furthermore, all the infographic items are fully animated for a better visual and presentation experience.

Best Digital Marketing PowerPoint (PPT) Template – Digital Marketing Infographics

This is the one of the best online marketing infographic templates which you can purchase and download for free. The model contains various digital marketing infographics, which you need to present any type of online marketing strategies. The infographic designs used in this premium template are completely topic-focused. They are:

  1. Inbound marketing
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Facebook marketing
  4. Instagram marketing
  5. Twitter marketing
  6. Instagram marketing
  7. Pinterest marketing
  8. Snapchat marketing
  9. Content marketing
  10. Email marketing
  11. Direct response adverting
  12. Display advertising
  13. Remarketing
  14. Affiliate marketing
  15. Digital marketing rollout
Best Timelines Infographics PowerPoint Template Diagrams – Fully Editable Infographics

This template is an excellent example of the beautiful PowerPoint templates, which is useful for creating attractive timelines using infographics. The design is holding various professional styles of company history timelines, horizontal and vertical timelines, monthly and yearly timelines, progress timelines, milestone timelines, and more. All the slides are completely editable. This template is an excellent support for project management, financial assessments, business forecasting, strategic planning, status reporting, annual reports, monthly planning, yearly planning, promotion planning, company’s growth analysis, and many more useful use-cases.

Project Timelines Diagrams PowerPoint Presentation Template – Project Management Infographics

On the previous product, we have seen some of the multipurpose timelines for the PPT presentation. In this template, you are getting a top-class project timeline designs for project management. This powerful PPT graphics are coming with more than a hundred pre-made theme colors, which gives you unlimited color combinations for using your company’s brand color on these infographic illustrations. You can easily create project timelines of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months of project work-flow forecasting using these modern infographic template designs.

Funnels Infographics PowerPoint Template Diagrams – User Infographic Templates

Funnels infographic template is a clean and minimalist PPT design that will be especially useful for marketers and salespersons looking for an effective way to grab the user’s attentiveness to the creative funnel visualizations of a project status or company’s milestones. This 100% of infographic designs can be easily modified and restructured with theme colors, minimal fonts, and other elements. This clean infographic theme is coming in two display resolutions; 4:3 and 16:3 widescreen ratios. Also, the elements are full HD.

Awesome Circle Infographics PowerPoint Template Diagrams – Colorful Infographic themes

Circle diagrams are the best way to illustrate the flow of a process or step. This premium infographic template is holding variety designs of circle shapes. Use these vector diagrams so that you can easily craft flow diagrams, process diagrams, redial diagrams, ring diagrams, and more. This professionally designed PPT infographic design template will encourage you to draw stunning circle-shaped presentations for any kind of business requirement. Rather than creating shapes and designs from scratch, simply use this ready-made premium infographic template.

Cycle Infographics PowerPoint Template Designs – Pro PowerPoint Infographic Slide Template

Cycle infographic is remarkably similar to the previous circle infographic design theme. This fresh PowerPoint templates design is having dynamic slides of handmade cycle infographics that can be easily editable, copy, and paste to any pre-made PPT templates. To make the design easier to customize, all the slides used in these templates are created using the slide master (master slides). This infographic package also contains thousands of vector icons, hundreds of color styles, and precise documentation about the usage of this template.

Pyramids Infographics PowerPoint Presentation Template – Flat Infographic PPT Presentation Theme Design

Pyramid PPT infographic design template is a versatile PPT template that can be used for creative presentations as well as business presentations. The pyramid structure is an excellent example of showing the steps or stages of a project or business. This premium template is using flat colors and stylish fonts to build these infographics. The template is also loaded with thousands of well-organized vector icons and hundreds of color palettes. Using these super clean designs, you can quickly build project stages, project planning, sales, and marketing stages, and more.

3D Cones Infographics PowerPoint Presentation Template – PowerPoint Infographic Presentation System

Showcase your business stages and development progress to your investors and stakeholders using this premium 3D codes infographic templates. These beautiful PowerPoint templates can help you to visualize business stages, project levels, work status, and more. This is one of the best options for creating a pitch deck and sales deck presentations. This is the most useful pyramid diagram where most of the startup business owners and team members were looking to present their project progress to the project supporters and key members of the board. This flat PowerPoint template is coming in both 4:3 and 16:9 HD screen resolutions.

3D Puzzle Infographics PowerPoint Presentation Template – Quiz Style Infographics

If you are looking for the top infographic PowerPoint presentation for creating an interactive quiz, puzzle, or riddles presentation, then this is the best template you can immediately buy and download for free! All the infographic shapes used in the slides are following a puzzle shape that you can easily combine graphically. You can use this kind of slides for conducting seminars, school projects, college projects, and creative business presentations, pitch deck presentations, sales deck presentations, and more. Once the template is ready with your real data, you can easily upload this template to Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive for cloud access.

3D Spheres Divisions PowerPoint Template Infographics Designs – Infographics Pack PowerPoint Template

When you are planning to showcase your idea or core principle you are going to implement on your business or projects, then this is the most comprehensive infographic diagrams you can rely on. With these diagrams, you can easily showcase the stages, levels, and layers of your idea or vision. You can include these diagrams on mission statements as well as the company’s vision statements. These powerful templates can be used in many areas. Some of them include:

  • Revealing a new idea
  • Presenting features
  • Stages of a workflow
  • Relationship management
  • Development stages
  • Steps and layers
  • And more
Medical and Healthcare Infographics PowerPoint Template – Best PowerPoint Infographic Templates

If you are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or a health worker who is looking for some of the best medical infographics for your medical presentation, then get this premium medical graphical design pack. From this design pack, you can get a variety of medical diagrams that are not limited to human body anatomy, pharmaceutical industry, healthcare diagrams, graphs, charts, medical recommendations, statistics, diet charts, and much more. To make the presentation more interactive, this template pack also contains thousands of vector icons, fonts, and theme colors.

Best Roadmap Infographics PowerPoint Template Designs – Top PPT Infographic Themes

Here’s an engaging PPT template that’s full of PowerPoint roadmap templates for your product or project development presentations. This highly editable PowerPoint roadmap template makes it simple to generate good-looking product roadmaps. Enter your own content details and resize the infographics and it’s elements create a top-notch PowerPoint infographic presentation. Plus, it’s straightforward to customize and create it your own. Furthermore, in addition to the roadmap infographic PPT template slides, you’ll also discover many other useful slide elements like niche categorized icons for your slideshow. This template is a perfect option for startup presentations and pitch deck presentations. You can easily give a clear vision about your company/business to your potential investors, stakeholders, and directors.

Education Infographics PowerPoint Template for Presentations – Ultimate PowerPoint Graphic Template

Educational infographics template for Microsoft PowerPoint can help you to create and design educational presentations in a way that addresses presenting information easy to be understandable by the students. These design elements are the best way to show the subject concepts, demonstrating new ideas, displaying different stages of a topic, interactive presentations, seminars, educational projects, and more. So, if you are looking for a better option as an initiate of eLearning, use these colorful and charming informative infographic illustrations on your PowerPoint presentations.

Best Comparison Infographics PowerPoint Template – Multipurpose PowerPoint Data Template

This is a highly editable vector graphic presentation template for Microsoft PowerPoint that includes a few distinct and adept comparison tables to distinguish the features between two topics easily. These stunning infographic elements are filled with comparison charts, one vs. one designs, comparison tables, and more.

Some of the standard features of this infographic template include:

  1. Unlimited color variations
  2. Provided with PPT and PPTX file formats
  3. Fully editable vector illustrations
  4. Slide master ready
  5. Text placeholders
  6. Pricing tables
  7. Device mockups
  8. Free fonts
  9. Free customer care support
  10. Lifetime free access and downloads
Venn Diagrams PowerPoint Presentation Template – Most Popular Infographic Themes

Sometimes a dull and poorly designed Venn diagram can get confusing and will be very annoying. But using professionally designed Venn diagrams can help you to present your subject in a very professional and creative manner. You can also cast a spotlight on the result analysis, strategic opportunities, time management, business planning, progress analysis, and goal setting by adequately utilizing these completely editable PPT vector diagrams. Furthermore, it is elementary to show the logical relationship between two topics and compare it with the relationship between them.

Best Triangle Infographics PowerPoint Template Shapes – Best Shapes Graphics for PPT

This trendy PowerPoint presentation template contains a collection of modern illustration of segmented pyramid shapes created with four triangular planes. The drawings and the shapes are made using fully editable text placeholders and resizable vector icons. You can easily use this infographic slideshow template for showcasing a containment, proportionate, or interconnected relationship. When the time you need to create and illustrate three or four ideas or concepts, then this is the best infographic design you can incorporate within your slides.

Mind Mapping Infographics PowerPoint Presentation Template – Trending Infographics for PowerPoint

When it comes to present a unique idea, then mind map designs are the best illustrations you can use to demonstrate it adequately. Whether you are a creative ad agency, advertising agency, digital marketing specialist, social media marketer, or any creative or marketing expert, you can easily take advantage of these types of graphical illustrations. This template is stuffed with scalable graphics and colorful icons. Moreover, you can also upload this to Google Slides to edit and publish online. This mind mapping infographic template designs are ingeniously designed and are entirely customizable to suit all your needs and requirements.

Targets and Goal Infographics PowerPoint Presentation Template – Minimalist and Clean Infographic Designs

This dart arrow infographic PowerPoint template is the most suitable option for creating presentations that describe goals and targets. Whether you are a small business, medium business, or a large business, the necessity to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) Goals is entirely unavoidable. Accordingly, with the help of these professionally designed visual elements, you can effortlessly implement your ideas within a few clicks. Besides, you can also analyze the feasibility concepts that come during the goal and target setting.

Dashboards Tachometer Diagrams PowerPoint Presentation Template – Infographic Template PowerPoint

The data-driven tachometer diagrams, also known as speedometer dashboards, is a handy infographic diagram used for demonstrating the visualization of a value range in projects. Some of the most salutary usage examples are sales presentations, marketing presentations, goal status, measuring KPIs, development progress, project planning, financial assessments, phases of a project, and more. We also recommend some of the premium Google Slides templates that can help you to upload the template to Google Slides for editing it seamlessly online. SlideSalad is also having a vast collection of premium Apple Keynote presentation templates.

Waste Management PowerPoint Template Designs – Recycling Infographics

Waste management is one of the comprehensive PowerPoint templates that is coming with refreshing infographics required for environmental protection and awareness presentations. These completely animated templates accommodate a collection of infographic layouts that helps to build awareness about the protection of the environment. The illustrations are not limited to: waste hierarchy, the importance of recycling glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles, electronics, and food waste as well as presenting the means of solid waste disposal and ways to manage hazardous waste. Some of the best use-cases are:

  • Waste management presentations
  • Recycling process shows
  • Sustainable living and development remembrances
  • Global warming displays
  • Clean energy exhibitions
  • Ecological and environmental presentations
  • And more
All World Maps Infographics PowerPoint Presentation Template – Vector Infographics

World map and country maps are an essential factor in most of the detailed presentations. The maps help you to show you the population, office locations, and other detailed demographics. In this premium world and country maps infographic template, you are getting a collection of fully editable and resizable vector maps that you can directly embed in your presentation by changing the colors and styles. And remember, many people are looking for free infographic templates to use on their projects. We highly recommend going with the premium infographic templates instead of free PowerPoint presentation templates. The main reason behind is this recommendation is; features availability, professional design, lifetime updates, free support from customer care, and many more features.


When your audience sees the same old boring PPT themes, then there is a good chance of losing their focus on your presentation subject. Thus, using highly creative and engaging visual elements can help you to make them fully engaged in your presentation. Therefore, if you want to really catch your audience’s attention, then you want to use the best infographic PowerPoint presentation designs.