20+ Best Infographics Google Slides Templates and Themes for 2023

Best Infographics Google Slides Templates

If you want premium Google Slides infographic templates and themes for your business and personal use, and if you are going to make the right impression, then we have got you embraced. Just spend a low price for a one-time best infographics Google Slides templates download from the SlideSalad marketplace and use them on your Google Slides presentations for a lifetime. You will get all the top benefits of using premium Google Slides themes and templates right away; some of the features are hundreds of theme colors, thousands of vector icons, free support, and updates. In this blog post, we are showing some of the best Google Slides themes and templates from the SlideSalad marketplace.

Top Infographics Google Slides Templates

It is tough to take detailed data like sales values or business forecasts and interpret it to make a meaningful Google Slides presentation; that is why SlideSalad presents one of the best infographic packs for multipurpose presentations. This premium infographic Pack 01 Google Slides is holding many variations of attractive infographic illustrations such as arrows, circle, cycle, circular, ring, process, stage, steps, steps Venn diagrams, lists, timelines, puzzle, SWOT analysis, network diagrams, relationship diagrams, toolbox steps, columns, charts, gear, process diagrams, radial, tree, comparisons, roadmaps, boxes, and more.

Awesome Infographics Google Slides Templates

You can find hundreds of the best Google Slides infographic illustration presentation templates on the SlideSalad marketplace, with a great offer. In this pack of Google Slides infographic collection, you are getting all the required diagrams needs for different types of topics for your business. Whether you need a collection of diagrams for enterprise business or a medical institution, this pack covers it all. All you need is to include the necessary diagram within your existing Google Slides presentation and customize it as you wish.

Professional Infographics Google Slides Template

Each of the many Google Slides infographic presentation templates from the SlideSalad marketplace has hundreds of vector illustration options. The diagrams are feature-rich, and they are also smart and easy to work with. This infographic pack 03 for Google Slides has all the illustrations you cannot find on the infographic pack 01 and 02. This premium infographic package includes:

  • List diagrams
  • Step diagrams
  • Roadmap diagrams
  • Arrows diagrams
  • Circle diagrams
  • Funnel diagrams
  • Pyramid diagrams
  • Africa country flags
  • Asia country flags
  • Europe country flags
  • North American country flags
  • South American country flags
  • Australia and Oceania flags
  • And more
Best Digital Marketing Google Slides Template

If you need to make a comprehensive digital marketing presentation for potential leads, prospects, or customers, this modern Google Slides business template will come in handy. This theme got hundreds of individual slides that are created based on the master slides for straightforward editing. This digital marketing template for Google Slides is covering all the online marketing topics such as marketing objectives, social media marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, email marketing, PPC ads, display ads, remarketing, affiliate marketing, digital marketing rollouts, and more.

Best Digital Marketing Proposals Google Slides Templates - Vibrant Google Slides Template

Customize your digital marketing data, and present your digital marketing proposal with full clarity, so that every slide tells the comprehensive topic about digital marketing at a glance. This all in one digital marketing proposal template for Google Slides is providing you with a detailed study of all online marketing aspects such as lead generation, SEO audit proposals, SEO retainer proposals, Search Engine Optimization proposals, YouTube video marketing proposals, Social media marketing proposals, email marketing proposals, and more. In addition to that, it also includes many general slides, such as:

  1. Digital marketing services
  2. Important figures
  3. Team profiles
  4. Testimonials
  5. Pricing Tables
  6. Case studies
  7. Office locations
  8. Contact details
Timelines Infographics Google Slides Template Diagrams

This best timeline infographic Google Slides theme is excellent for creating useful timeline slides within your business presentations. This minimalist Google Slides theme got unlimited color schemes. It also comes with hundreds of unique slides that include hundreds of unique timeline diagrams and several infographic elements to present your timelines in a visual way. The template is designed in two display resolutions, such as 4:3 and 16:9 widescreen displays. Some of the timeline designs are company history timelines, horizontal timelines, vertical timelines, monthly and yearly timelines, project timelines, progress timelines, and more.

Roadmap Infographics Google Slides Template Designs

This beautiful roadmap infographic presentation template for Google Slides features a clean and modern layout that is perfect for showcasing a step-by-step process, a progressive growth, or a project workflow. The template includes various unique designs of roadmaps with resizable and customizable graphics. All the slides have a unique diagram that is 100% editable and color-changeable to match with your presentation theme color. The pack also includes a free collection of vector icons.

Company History Timelines Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template

This modern company history timelines diagrams Google Slides graphics presentation template set has elegantly designed infographics with great theme color options. Make the most of creative and dynamic company history timeline diagrams that are ready to add your timeline info. Scale and resize the vector graphics and fully-customize the diagram set up to fit your presentation goals. You can also add professional animations to the infographics for a pleasant feel.

Project Timelines Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template

Project timelines are very crucial in any project. Unluckily, it still feels overly complicated and difficult to illustrate as a creative diagram. But with the help of this best project timelines infographic templates and themes for Google Slides, you can explain the time-frame in a way that makes sense. Your clients, prospects, or project managers are sure to appreciate your application of an infographic diagram to make it fully transparent in the project’s timeline. This set of Google Slides timeline infographics shows the potential of using visuals to explain project time and cope.

Funnels Infographics Google Slides Template Diagrams

If you are looking for a more beautiful presentation, these best funnel infographics Google Slides professional theme that smoothly fits into your business presentations, then buy this premium theme today. The template holds various 2D and 3D funnel visuals to illustrate the flows, steps, or the progress of your business workflow. The type of the best funnels infographic Google Slides template diagrams includes:

  1. 3D funnels infographics
  2. 2D funnels infographics
  3. Horizontal funnels infographics
  4. Vertical funnels infographics
  5. Double funnels infographics
Awesome Circle Infographics Google Slides Template

This fantastic Google Slides presentation template is an excellent choice if you are looking for colorful circle business infographic diagrams for a Google Slides template with a clean design. This circle infographic template was designed for project status reporting, business process, and many more work-scopes. The template holds various circle diagrams, such as one to ten circle periods, staged circles, circular process, segmented circles, and circular flow charts. It is a fresh style that is pleasing to have in Google Slides’ professional presentations.

Cycle Diagrams Google Slides Template Designs

This is one of the best cycle infographic diagram templates for Google Slides presentations. This premium Google Slides theme got several variations of designs from period one to period ten. Many businesses widely use the circle diagrams like agencies, financial institutions, creative companies, educational institutions, engineering companies, accounting firms, web design, and web development companies, advertising agencies, non-profit organizations, and more.

Comparison Infographics Google Slides Template

If you are looking for some of the best comparison infographic templates for Google Slides, then buy this premium theme today from the SlideSalad marketplace. This template package includes a collection of top comparison diagrams that you can easily fit in your presentations. These templates are best for showing the PROs and CONs, comparing features, comparing metrics, and more. Some of the comparison diagrams include side-by-side comparisons, comparison bars, T-bar comparisons, arrow comparisons for and against, advantages and disadvantages, and more.

Pyramid Infographics Google Slides Template Diagrams

Try this premium Google Slides presentation template for creating minimal and simple pyramid infographic diagrams within your Google Slides presentation. This professional Google Slides template includes several unique pyramid diagrams. Some of the examples are multiple layer pyramids, 2D pyramids, 3D pyramids, inverted pyramids, and more. Furthermore, all the slides are fully editable and come with well-organized vector icons. You can also add elegant slide transitions and slide animations to the diagrams.

Puzzle Toolbox Google Slides Presentation Template

Amaze and impress your audiences with the 3D puzzle toolbox Google Slides presentation theme from the SlideSalad marketplace. It is one of the best-selling Google Slides infographic themes on the infographics category in SlideSalad. With unique puzzled structures and vibrant colors, you can wow your audiences. By easily customizing the colors, shapes, and sizes, you can make stunning Google Slides presentations in no time. The designs are created in the 3D styles.

Venn Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template

This cool Google Slides presentation template is an exceptional choice if you are looking for a colorful Venn diagrams Google Slides presentation template with a PRO design. This minimalist Google Slides theme is designed in full widescreen resolution and standard screen resolutions to copy and paste the designs in your current Google Slides presentations. The designs are following a modern style that is pleasant to have in Google Slides templates that are professional.

Mind Mapping Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template

If you are looking for some of the best creative mind mappings Google Slides Themes for creative presentations, then you need to purchase this premium Google Slides template from the SlideSalad marketplace. Some of the common features of the mind mapping diagrams Google Slides presentation template includes:

  • Unique slide designs
  • Completely editable diagrams
  • Two display ratios, 4:3 and 16:9
  • Hundreds of premade theme colors
  • Thousands of vector icons
  • Free professional fonts
  • Free support
  • Free updates
  • And more
Targets Infographics Google Slides Presentation Template

Business-oriented presentation graphics like target diagrams can help you present a compelling and creative message to any of your audience, whether it is small or large. This creatively designed best target diagrams Google Slides presentation template pack really revolves around clarifying data and sharing ideas. This pack of designs gives you some variations of dart arrows to represent your topic focus. These professional designs not only include a complete collection of top infographics; it also comes with every other design elements like color schemes and vector icons.

Triangle Infographics Google Slides Template Shapes

Win business and turn the minds of your investors and stakeholders with these best triangle infographics Google Slides template shapes. It is flexibly sketched for many business and creative data presentation demands. Whether you are pitching for venture capitals, showcasing your last quarter’s social media growth, sales deck presentations, or startup presentations, you can include some of the diagrams from these triangle infographics Google Slides templates on your presentation. These 3D diagrams are perfect for Google Slideshows and PowerPoint presentations.

Cones Google Slides Presentation Template

This 3D cones Google Slides theme is ready to use for making many types of business and corporate presentations. The template is featuring a ton of creative, clean 3D cones designs. All these Google Slides infographic diagram elements are provided in vector formats for complete editing possibilities. The cones are coming in 1 item, 2 items, 3 items, 4 items, 5 items, and 6 items structures. The diagrams are easy to change colors, text content, and size; everything is fully customizable.

Dashboards Tachometer Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template

If you want to easily represent the KPIs and goals in a very creative and professional way in your presentations, then it is better to use this best dashboard tachometer diagrams Google Slides presentation template for your next presentation. From this Google Slides theme, you can find some of the beautiful variations of Speedometer Gauge diagrams with thousands of vector icons. This template is also editable in PowerPoint; if you are interested, you can buy some of the premium PowerPoint presentation templates from the SlideSalad marketplace to directly work on Microsoft PowerPoint software. You can also save your template in Google Drive or OneDrive.

Medical And Healthcare Infographics Google Slides Template

This bright, creative Google Slides presentation theme is made for showcasing your medical and healthcare information to your patients, doctors, or healthcare professional audiences. This best medical and healthcare infographic Google Slides theme is an impressive tool for presenting your medical ideas, hospital workflows, health care processes, and health data. Unlike most of the free Google Slides infographics themes, this premium slide deck comes packed with a ton of unique diagrams and many color scheme options to impress or give awareness to your audience.

Education Infographics Google Slides Template

Is your audience are students, teachers, professors, or educational industry professionals? Are you looking for an all in one educational diagrams template? If yes, then purchase this best education infographic Google Slides template for your presentations. This theme has all the required educational topic-focused infographics that you can include in your educational presentations for schools or colleges. The template pack has many diagrams includes:

  • Pen and pencils infographics
  • Light bulb infographics
  • Magnifying glass infographics
  • Books infographics
  • Puzzle infographics
Waste Management Google Slides Template Designs

Use this Google Slides theme for waste management organizations, cleaning organizations, organic recycling companies, plastic, paper, and metal recycling companies, or any e-waste recycling company’s presentations. This waste management Google Slides theme includes a wide variety of infographic diagram options. No Photoshop or extra graphic editing software is needed for editing these graphics; just Google Slides is enough. Insert your text, add your image in, and your slides are ready. If you are looking for some of the professional Keynote templates, then you have a variety of options of premium Apple Keynote templates from SlideSalad. You can also try some of the free Google Slides themes too!


One of the most successful types of best Google Slides infographic slide designs is found only in the SlideSalad marketplace. If you are looking for the top premium infographics for Google Slides that include a lot of bonus features to make your presentation stand out from the crowd, you may want to choose the top Google Slides templates from SlideSalad. You can also download some of the free best infographics Google Slides templates and themes from SlideSalad to check the quality and the standard features of templates. Purchase some of the best Google Slides themes and templates today!